Encourage Clickbank and Other Affiliates To Promote For You

Promoting your product on ClickBank can be a great way of increasing sales. Clickbank Market Place is searched frequently by online marketers looking to generate income with affilite products. Locating products to promote is quite easy with ClickBank. All a marketer has to do to start earning a commission with your product is set up a free of charge ClickBank account and search through the appropriate catagory, locate your product and begin promoting it.

Something You Can Do About Plagiarism

Do you know or suspect that others have been ‘borrowing’ some of your content, be it text, photos, or videos, to use on their sites without your permission? If you are not monetizing this content then it is probably not a big deal, but if you are, then someone else is benefitting from your work and oyu are loosing out.

How Twitter Will Help Your Article Marketing

As you know writing articles is a very powerful way to get traffic and recognition. And who doesn’t want more of both to support their online marketing business? Traffic generation is the life blood of any business. Now there is one more facet you can add to your article marketing campaigns to get a little more mileage from your articles and it utilizes the power of Twitter.

Are You Loosing People Through Your Offsite Links?

As I have been gradually adding more features to my blog here I noticed something that is not widely addressed. At least it never came to my attention before as I was learned about creating the 125 X 125 ads. And I have done this before and not thought about it either. The common way to write the code for a clickable link behind a graphic or picture closes your blog page to take the visitor to the link they just clicked on.

Are You Keeping Up With What You Start?

In our fledgling online marketing efforts we are all super busy doing more and more tasks associated with building our blogs and getting traffic to them. Whether it’s following Alex Jeffreys or any of the other individuals successful with internet marketing, these methods work but only if kept up on a regular basis.

Mark Joyner Gets Informative On A Napkin

Entrepreneur and Simpleology founder Mark Joyner is starting a new mini presentation on a napkin for providing quick bits of useful information in video format. He’s very good at gettig his point across clearly and quickly.