Getting Set Up With Technorati

Getting Set Up With Technorati

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I’m setting up registration of this blog with Technorati which is the largest blog registration directory online, I think! Many people use Technorati to search for blogs on specific topics so it’s a good place to register your blog to help it get found and receives some additional traffic.

Seems to be a fairly simple procedure, but it includes having to publish a bit of code on your blog long enough for them to verify that it is there. Just a way for them to verify that you actually own the blog, if you can add the code on it.

Another benefit may be in linking with Technorati since they have a Google pagerank of 8, we’ll see.

So here’s the code they want posted to check on —
Technorati Profile

This is just one more brick in building the ‘house of success’ here with this blog, easy, you should do it as well.


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