How Twitter Will Help Your Article Marketing

How Twitter Will Help Your Article Marketing

February 15th, 2009 | Filed under Internet Marketing, Traffic, Twitter.

As you know writing articles is a very powerful way to get traffic and recognition. And who doesn’t want more of both to support their online marketing business? Traffic generation is the life blood of any business. Now there is one more facet you can add to your article marketing campaigns to get a little more mileage from your articles and it utilizes the power of Twitter.

You can have a Tweet posted to Twitter automatically each time you have posted an article to an article directory. You will need to get your author feed from the article directory to use for this, most good directories should provide a specific author feed. Now you can use that feed just as they provide it or you can run that feed through FeedBurner if you want to add more features like click tracking and more.

My friend Dan Blackburn has a good description on how to do this on the Article Content King Blog.
Go there and just follow his instructions. He describes how to get the feed from the Article Content King directory, but it should be similar with any on the major article directories.

Dan will take you through getting your feed and then going to a free service called Pingvine where the feed will be set up to Twit automatically every time you post a new article. How cool is that! One more way to use Twitter!


If you want another good place to post your articles, gain some ad revenue from your article pages and more, you might try the unique revenue sharing Article Content King directory. I am involved in helping this directory become a marketing powerhouse for authors, the Alexa rating is growing very rapidly with all the new design features and marketing efforts. Check it out.


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