Is There a Success Formula

Is There a Success Formula

January 1st, 2009 | Filed under Internet Marketing.

Wouldn’t you ask someone who is successful in the field you are working in to find this out.

Through all of my 30 plus years of studying personal growth and development I have found that the most powerful way to succeed at anything is to model people who are already successful. I’m not talking about copying them, but rather taking on behaviors and traits that they have that serve their success. The difference between success and failure can be just a simple change in perspective.

You don’t need to find just one person to emulate, nor do you really want to. It is best to identify traits that several people have that you see as valuable and appealing to support your desires.

Well I found a good one, a successful internet marketer Andrew Fox, who just bought a $1.5 million yacht . . . his starter yacht!

So what can you learn from him, Andrew Fox, take a look at his blog post, “The Five Golden Rules For Getting RICH In 2009”

Oh, and look at what he is offering for the best comment.


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  1. Valerie Davies (2 comments.) | 2/01/09

    Hi John,

    I take your point in that we should cast our net far and wide, to find our personal whales and dolphins. I’m sure Foxy is another good IMer to follow. Personally I haven’t got enough time to do what Alex is saying.

    What is your secret? More to the point, and perhaps I shouldn’t ask: What results have you pulled in so far? Stats looking impressive? Are you starting out with Alex, or have you been online for a while?

    Anyway, it’s taking me for ever to get round everyone just to say hi, so I don’t want you to think I am being rude, but I’m turbo hopping to get round as many of the F500 that I can. If I wait for you to come to me, it might never happen. Thanks to all who have already visited Planet Valz, including you John.

    This means I have a standard message for everyone, and I’m leaving it as a comment to the latest post. I hope this does not offend you as communication and generosity is what is driving this.

    Firstly, my wishes to you for a Happy, Healthy and very Prosperous Year 2009.

    Secondly, I want to give you a New Year present, but you need to go to

    I would appreciate being added to your blogroll if you set one up. You are on mine.


    Valerie Davies’s last blog post..Turbo hopping with New Year wishes and gift

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