Make Internet Marketing Money – Part 2

Are You Keeping Up With What You Start?

 In our fledgling online marketing efforts we are all super busy doing more and more tasks associated with building our blogs and getting traffic to them. Whether it’s following Alex Jeffreys or any of the other individuals successful with internet marketing, these methods work but only if kept up on a regular basis.

Now Search Alex Jeffreys Coaching Students Blogs

 OK, I did something cool I think! It should help us research intenet marketing topics such as blog set up, making and using videos, plugins, traffic methods, any sort of ‘how to’ pertaining to building your online business.

Effective Blogging Tactics – Link and Comment Love Plugins and How To Use Them

 In my quest to learn what works for effective, profitable blogging and share it here, I have come across a couple of sources for useful information on how to set your blog up to encourage more useful comments. Also, one of these sources reveals an effective way to do your blog posting and tie it in with making good comments on other blogs and creating two huge benefits.

Online Success Resource For Everyone

 For a couple of weeks now a group of students mentoring under Alex Jeffreys has been building a community of blogs to both help each of their business’s as well as help each other as a group. This blog is one of those blogs. The system of blogs is building larger and larger as the 500 people taking Alex’s training are gradually get their blogs set up and running. If you don’t have a clue as to the potential power of such a group of people blogging together, stick around!

Blogging, Twitting and Holidays

 Yesterday daughter Julie and I traveled from California to Arizona, near Phoenix to my daughter Jens house for Christmas. With the travel, which eats up a half a day even with the short distance, and then picking up some gifts I had ordered online, I still did some blogging and Twitting. My goal is to keep it […]


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