Mark Joyner Gets Informative On A Napkin

Mark Joyner Gets Informative On A Napkin

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Entrepreneur and Simpleology founder Mark Joyner is starting a new mini presentation on a napkin for providing quick bits of useful information in video format. He’s very good at gettig his point across clearly and quickly.

In his first entry he talks about our so-called ‘recession’ and how what we thick we are in the midst of is really the past. You need to see his napkin presentation to get the full understanding of his point. I agree with his point and add that for most, the recession is a reactive state.

Sure some people had some financial problems, housing, etc., but for most, their income had not changed when the fear news all started. But since so many have reacted with fear thinking and changed their behavior based on that fear, more and more people now are getting involved with real financial problems.

Here’s the thing, when you stop or drastically reduce your spending, you are choking off your normal contribution to the ‘cash flow’ economy we all live in. Now, as a result of your altered behavior, many employees are getting laid off due to lack of traffic in their place of employment. I would venture to say that on the high side, for every 100 people that stop going out to eat on a regular basis, one waiter/waitress looses their job.

The whole shame in this is that when the news of some people having financial problems first came out, most people still had the same cash flow they did 6 months prior. But now after months of fear behavior and reduced spending, more and more get laid off which leads to more and more will get laid off, and so on.

There’s only one way to stop this and it takes most of us to contribute. If you can, and most can, get back to the normal spending habits you had before all the ‘bad’ news became rampant. As cash flows. Jobs will grow!

Go take a look at Mark’s “Shocktails” edition on the ‘recession’ as being the past. Perhaps it will help you see this all from a different vantage point.

Seek prosperity,


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