Now Search Alex Jeffreys Coaching Students Blogs

Now Search Alex Jeffreys Coaching Students Blogs

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OK, I did something cool I think! It should help us research intenet marketing topics such as blog set up, making and using videos, plugins, traffic methods, any sort of ‘how to’ pertaining to building your online business.

I have set up a Custom Search on this blog. What this does is search essentially what I want it to search. My intention is to put the links to all of the Marketing With Alex students blogs in there .

Now everyone can use this to research specific topics to find the answers, tools, videos, tips and such that support what you are trying to do without having to search around manually all the blogs until you find something. So you don’t have to overload your busy mind with trying to remember who has what on their blog.

I will put a few other of my sites and others that I know and work with as well to help round it out. But is should be much more specific than searching the entire web, plus this way we frequent the groups blog more. Why not give traffic to Alex’s students blogs first, and there is a lot of good information coming on within the group all the time. The search is just over in the right side column near the top, have a try . . .

I have loaded a few of the blogs in there already, but getting all of the links take time, and as you can see I have not yet added all of the addresses in my blogroll list yet.

So if you add a comment here with your blog URL I can get it easily and I will add it to both the search and blogroll.


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18 thoughts on “Now Search Alex Jeffreys Coaching Students Blogs

  1. Hey John

    That’s a great idea and thanks for sharing it with us.

    There are a whole lot of people in this group with great talent and expertise and the willingness to share is brilliant.

    Best wishes


    Doug Stewart’s last blog post..Not A Good Day

  2. Hey John, great idea, I am currently just browsing through all of the Alex Blogs to see what other ideas are out there. This is a unique one. By all means add my blog and check it out and give some feedback when you have time.
    Jon Hilton

    Jon Hilton’s last blog post..Firepow Software Review

  3. Lurvly. How much time have I wasted “stumbling” across something cool and useful! You are a credit to your gender and class.

    Please add me to the list

  4. Oh, and how do I get that “my last blog post” thingy to work for me?


  5. Richard Moloney says:


    An excellent idea please add my blog it is

    Is there a simple code so that all students can do the same?


  6. Susan,

    Not sure by your question if you have the plugin or not.

    That thingy that shows a commenters last post is the CommentLuv plugin.

    There is a ‘settings’ page that you need to go to to set the settings. Then it should show up.


  7. Hello John, Vince here

    In saw you post on my blog, did you see the hover add that showed the videos. It shows every few days to the same visitor, I did not want to shove them down everyone’s thoat, if they need them, then they can sign up for them,

    Please, add me to your search. It is bitter cold in New England and I have come down with a nasty cold. I just wanted to reply to your post. Thanks again Vince

    Vince Craine’s last blog post..Failing Forward

  8. Hello John

    I just had a little play with your search box tool and discovered a whole lot of things i have said or done are lisyed in the results page, kinda spooky !

    It certainly works and it also throws up a list which includes results where other people have mentioned me and my blog, which is very useful.

    John, well done, very creative and thank you very much.

    Alan Neath’s last blog post..Free Keyword Spy Tool that could be Banned

  9. Great idea John thanks! Please add me, I need
    all the help (and hits) I can get!

    Oh, and I think Susan has to have Comment Luv
    installed on her blog for it to work, right?

    Here’s my blog url:

    Thanks again!
    Paul Livingston

    Paul Livingston’s last blog post..My YouTube Trials and Tribulations

  10. John,

    this is a fantastic idea. We all should be here to easily find any topic from each other sites.


    Dagmar’s last blog post..Alex Jeffreys coaching – Module 5 summary

  11. John,

    I forgot to mention, please add me to your blog:

    Thanks again,

    Dagmar’s last blog post..Alex Jeffreys coaching – Module 5 summary

  12. Hi John,

    Great idea! I can never remember who has what on their blog when I try to find something specific.

    Thanks for coming up with this!


    Debbie’s last blog post..See Your Stats Without Leaving Your Blog

  13. John,

    Your so right, a lot of the idea’s I’ve gotten for my blog have come from other student blogs. Including yours, I think you’ve got a great idea going. I’m having a little difficulty with the technical side of getting things set up on my blog I will be putting up a student list and adding links as I get reciprocal visits. I only think that that is the fair way to do it.

    So stop by and comment and I’ll add your link as you add my link to your site list.

    Thanks Gary

    Gary Gilliam’s last blog post..Getting An Online Presents

  14. Hey John,

    Good to connect (still have hundreds to say hi to:). .

    Thanks for your comments about my video much appreciated and glad you enjoyed it :)

    Your Blog search idea is fantastic!. please sign me up:

    My blog site :



    Derrick Siu’s last blog post..New Youtube Video Entry for Alex Jeffreys 2009 Video Competition :)

  15. Hi John

    What a great idea. Thanks. My url is


    Wendy Wood’s last blog post..Generating Traffic (2) – Video Marketing

  16. Cool idea. This should really help us all out. Thanks for putting this together.

    Doston Stanley’s last blog post..Misspelled Keywords – Hidden Treasures

  17. Hi John:
    This is an absolutely amazing tool you have put together. I tried it out and it works beautifully!! What a creative mind you have. Thank you so much for sharing this great tool with all of us. I too was having problems remembering where I saw something and I starting keeping track by using a chart but this removes the need for that !!! Great work!!
    Robin :-)

    Robin Pike’s last blog post..An Easy Way to Keep Track of Postings You Do

  18. Hi John,

    What an excellent idea, do you have an idea of how many students have this on their blogs?

    Martin’s last blog post..Newbies Nightmare: Alex Jeffreys Releases The Solution


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