Online Success Resource For Everyone

Online Success Resource For Everyone

December 26th, 2008 | Filed under Alex Jeffreys, Internet Marketing, Power Blogging.

For a couple of weeks now a group of students mentoring under Alex Jeffreys has been building a community of blogs to both help each of their business’s as well as help each other as a group. This blog is one of those blogs. The system of blogs is building larger and larger as the 500 people taking Alex’s training are gradually get their blogs set up and running. If you don’t have a clue as to the potential power of such a group of people blogging together, stick around!

As a group we are putting up vast amounts of useful information not only about setting up blogs, but about all aspects of running a successful online business. We are interacting with each other gradually forming relationships which will lead to business associations. We are explaining and defining what we are doing while following the guidance of a proven online success. We are helping each other to succeed in many ways, from technical ‘how to’ to motivation. The power of many blogs linking together in various random ways will benefit everyone with their site traffic.

But here’s the thing, this group of blogs is not only a benefit to the coaching students but to anyone who gets involved. Think about it, what is the power of watching and following an already proven success formula? For those in the coaching group, I hope you see what you have developing here. If you participate you will get pushed up with the group through the ever increasing traffic.

And for those not in the coaching – I hope you see the potential here for you as well. Getting involved with this blog group will benefit anyone participating through the traffic flowing throughout. You can find details about what everyone is doing just by circulating to the various blogs, it’s almost like getting the coaching. If you want to know generally what we are doing you can get Alex’s free list buiding report on the plan we are following, of course the more detailed video version is offered as well which will just broaden your understanding and clarify exactly how it all works.

This is not a closed group, we openly accept participation from everyone, in fact that’s what we want, as should you if you want to build a presence online. Ad links, make comments and help out as you can, and you will see reciprocation. If you think success modeling is beneficial, if you think a group of like minded people is valuable, if you think building a list is critical, and if you think getting ‘well connected’ is powerful – this is the place.

Stick around – watch, learn and participate.

As with anything, this resource must be used to be of value. Information really only has potential value, it’s only when purposeful action is applied, based on the information, that the power is released.



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2 Responses to “Online Success Resource For Everyone”

  1. Jean Shaw (1 comments.) | 28/12/08

    Hi John,

    Thanks so much for all the information you are providing and for the help with my site.

    I had no idea my pages weren’t showing and appreciate your advice. I didn’t have adsense on the site so removed a translation widget and hopefully that will solve the problem.

    The blogs of the other students provide a wealth of information but as you know it’s really time consuming getting round to visit them all.

    Good luck with your marketing.

    Take care


    Jean Shaw’s last blog post..Students of – I’m being interviewed!

  2. Valerie Davies (2 comments.) | 28/12/08

    Hi John,

    Just trying to say hi to as many people as I can.

    Yes, you are right that in the first instance our blogs are for the students of Alex Jeffreys, but in time they should become great resources for many people. Keep on going …

    I’d like to read more about what results you are getting with your traffic generation.

    To your every success,

    (have a look there for easy instructions on putting your gravitar – little picture that goes with this comment – up)

    Valerie Davies’s last blog post..How to personalise your comments with your picture (gravatar)

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