Video Squeeze Page Templates, Why Making Your Own Pays

Video Squeeze Page Templates, Why Making Your Own Pays

March 3rd, 2011 | Filed under Video Squeeze Page.

Making your own video squeeze page templates is something worth taking a look at if you are marketing anything online and want people to take some action on your squeeze pages. If you have been involved with Internet Marketing for any time at all I’m sure you are aware of how powerful and effective a video squeeze page is in getting people to pay attention and take action online. The power that video has over text is huge. Viewers not only are seeing a real person in a video they are getting the message in through multiple senses which increases attention and retention.

Video is fast becoming the major form of communication online and people seem to want to watch a video, yet must make themselves read a lot of text. People want to be engaged and naturally want to communicate with other people. In marketing with landing pages the problem is how do you get powerful attention grabbing video on these pages without a lot of hassle or huge expense?

Using The Easy Video Squeeze System

There are a lot of squeeze templates available, but are they what you want, are they flexible? And even if you can make adjustments to them, do they fit the scheme of your site and convey the image you want? Your capture page is a pivotal page in the conversion process, the first impression you make is everything. The video squeeze pages you use for your pages have a lot to say about your personal image branding.

Making your own custom video squeeze page templates can serve you well in terms of agility and cost. You will not be stuck with the generic look and limited modification features that can restrict your designs. You can hire expensive web designers to make your squeeze pages, but only if time and money are not factors. Most marketers know how important it is to have full flexibility in being able to make small changes and variations of a capture page easily.

Your own squeeze page templates allow for easy changes

If the ability to easily make changes is important to you, either the generic squeeze page templates or professionally made templates are not your best option. Making your own video page templates is not very difficult for most people. It allows you to easily make all the slight variations you want and quickly make changes as you test for conversion.

Testing for the best conversion of a squeeze page is what most successful marketers harp on about for good reason, as this page will make or break the whole process. It is of course important to be able to make them easily and efficiently without a lot of expense or time. Being able to make multiple variations of your squeeze pages makes it very easy to split test them for best conversion.

Easily customizable squeeze pages allow for branding

You will notice how most top marketers have a theme running throughout their site, this is not usually possible with ready made squeeze page templates. The look of your site can have a great impression on your visitors and make a difference in conversions. If you want full flexibility of design and function learning to make your own video squeeze page templates is likely the best option.

The short amount of time you have when a person views your landing page to grab their attention and keep it means the presentation must be just right. It may be a shame, but if a viewer leaves without opting in, they will never realize the benefit of what you have to offer. The value of a video squeeze page over a text page when properly designed and tested is clearly evident.

Effective use of video squeeze page templates

Speed and agility are important when you want to alter a squeeze page for testing purposes, and this is easiest with your own video squeeze page templates. Make multiple versions up front, test them, and as you get additional ideas you can easily make alterations. The ready made page templates don’t allow alterations of every feature, usually just a few. This can limit your ability to maximize your conversions. However there are a few video template systems available that allow for easy modification.

Another benefit is in being able to make templates for others. If you are interested in another income stream, you may want to offer your services to others, for a fee of course. Remember, everything you learn about online marketing and business is of value not only to yourself but to others as well. Once you learn to easily create your own video squeeze page system it’s yours to apply over and over with your attention grabbing video squeeze pages and something of value you have to offer to others.

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