Video Squeeze Pages, Their Potential Power

Video Squeeze Pages, Their Potential Power

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Let’s take a quick look at the potential power of video squeeze pages can have on your online marketing. Video has taken of the attention of the internet, it’s what people stick to, it’s what they pay attention to. So, if you are doing business online, are you using video on your sites, on your squeeze pages? If you are not using video squeeze pages you must ask yourself how much money you are leaving in the ether.

The attention span of people on line has become a great concern for online marketers, both grabbing a persons attention and keeping it on your capture page long enough to get a message across. Then of course the message itself comes into play, will it engage them enough to where they take the desired action, the opt-in conversion. People are getting so accustomed to quick, that they are less likely to stick to a text page than one with video or audio.

The design and content of video squeeze pages is critical in getting the conversions you want because they need to do what long copy sales pages did back when people still seemed to be willing to read. Video has enabled the capture page to deliver a lot more information than one with just text. The video takes up a small amount of space allowing the page to be very short, sometimes all above the fold.

A video squeeze page allows you to deliver the same amount of information as a lot of text does, but in a more engaging manner. A person does not have to work as hard to receive your message, it’s seems more passive to watch a video and listen. But even more important, the viewer is engaging more of their senses with your message, which means better intake and understanding. Let’s face it, movies are so desirable because we are more easily evolved emotionally through multiple senses.

A video landing page with a real persons voice tends to feel more friendly, more personal than just text. This of course helps you with breaking down natural resistance and in developing rapport with the page viewer. Much of a persons motivation to take action is related to how comfortable they feel with the person providing the information.

Your voice and image on the video on the landing page helps the viewer feel good about you and what you are saying. It’s important to lower a persons defenses and help them develop even an emotional connection with you so they can feel at ease following your message and taking the wanted action. People do more with people they relate well with than those they are unsure of. Your task is to help them not only get excited about what you are offering, but to feel good about it.

You must be careful though with putting up a squeeze page and expecting it to get perfect results. There are various characteristics of a capture page which can affect it’s conversion performance, so testing is very important. This means you will need to have multiple pages you can test against each other for opt-in conversion. You can have these made, modify ready made templates or make them yourself. However you choose to get them, testing various versions of your capture is a must to get the best results, many find making their own templates or using ready made page templates is helpful.

So the power of video squeeze pages boils down to their ability to interact better with the viewer and cause higher opt-in conversions, which leads to more sales and income. Many marketers are put off by what appears to be the difficulty in making or modifying video squeeze page templates, but it doesn’t have to be. There are fairly easy ways to work with page templates and instruction on how to do it yourself.


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