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Social Networking and Monetization, The Great Explosion

March 4th, 2009 | 6 Comments | Filed in Social Marketing Monetization, Twitter

Have you stopped long enough to realize just how fast all this social networking stuff has exploded? Have you been paying attention to how rapidly new social networking, social messaging and micro-blogging services are popping up? Two years ago how many were tweeting on Twitter? Think back just six months ago! If this was a negative thing it would be called an epidemic, although I guess some do consider it as such.

I think it’s quite interesting to think about how this has social networking started at a time when many critics of the internet were saying how bad it was for depriving so many people from socializing. They said that all the people with their noses stuck online were harming themselves and society as a whole. Now look what has grown up out of the Internet, the greatest increase in socialization ever known to man. To me this is fascinating, yesterday I wrote more in depth about it in my blog post at SuccessFool called, “Monetization and This Explosive Social Network Thing

Now what got me thinking about social networking in this way was what I was reading that Maki at his Dosh Dosh blog was saying about how big the monetization of social network systems has become, actually how fast it is growing. His post is so well written that I see no reason to go over it again here, it would be best for you to just go read his post yourself, he covers it well.

About the only thing I can add is, if you are marketing anything, the social networks are fast becoming a necessary place to be involved. They are both an environment you become involved with and a vehicle for promotion. And it only works if you do it right. Like life, there is balance involved. Too much promoting and not enough human being and it won’t work. Social marketing is fast becoming the quickest way to communicate with people.

So for some up to date insight into marketing within the whole social network system Maki’s post called, “Complementary Services Social Media Marketing Strategy” with be of value. Watch out though, you can get stuck on his blog, lots of great ideas!






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