About This Blog

About This Blog

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Why are we here, in this life, at this time . . . reading this blog page?

Well, there are many answers to those questions, but here’s what I think.

We are here to discover and express ourselves to the fullest extent possible.

In order to do this self expression we should have the utmost personal freedom.

We can discuss the various interpretations of money in our present day, but basically, it is intended to be a medium of exchange representing human value. In our present system of working for others, most individuals don’t have full freedom to benefit from the full value of their output.

In order to have more personal freedom, one must have more say in what they are worth in time and effort, thus receiving money relative to their full value.

To be an entrepreneur is the best way to gain our personal and financial freedom.

Here on this blog I will assist with this as much as I can.

To provide a resource of useful information and methods for anyone desiring to build a business. To provide what to do as well as how to do it in an effort to reduce the learning curve. This will be an ongoing project as things are always changing.

I have been pushing the keys down and staring at the screen since 2004 in an attempt to figure out this online business stuff. Much of it would appear to be a struggle, but a learning experience without a doubt.

I intend to do my best to show and talk about things that work, not the useless stuff. But if I have learned anything in these years online, success is not about the magic tool, system or program, it’s more about the operator!

Frankly, a lot of what many people call BS or a scam is actually them expressing their inability to focus and commit to some work.  Here’s the big online business secret . . . most of it works if you do!

Another thing we must remember about being in business and desiring to make money is, all that we can hope to gain is the result of providing a benefit to others first. In order to succeed, one must be committed to providing good honest value to people.

If you are ready to focus and commit yourself we can move into this realm of personal and financial freedom together, so that we can have the time and wherewithal to do more of our what our hearts desire, to express our self discovery as we choose.

To freedom through vision, unity and self expression,

John Halderman,

An entrepreneur focusing on helping people with experiencing life success. This includes personal growth and development, both the technical and mental aspects of business and financial success,along with wellness. All parts contribute to the whole of a free successful life.

PS, I have been away from this blog for a while, as you may notice by the post dates. I am now bringing it back in to my overall program of activities.

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