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Alex Jeffreys Launches New Coaching Program

June 25th, 2009 | 1 Comment | Filed in Alex Jeffreys

Yes, alex Jeffreys is starting a second coaching program. Are you going to get in on this one? I hope so.

I have had the pleasure of being involved in his first coaching program, which is actually still going, and have been absolutely amazed with him. What he has given his first group of coaching students is almost priceless. A few points worth noting about Alex Jeffreys and his coaching program;

First, he has way over delivered based on the price. He went way over time, by hours sometimes, on the live training webinars. Then he kept adding more new information as he learned more. Then, in May, he held a private 2-day seminar at no extra cost. He could be charging way more for what he is providing. I’ve paid way more for much less!

Second, the information he provided was not the usual tech stuff, but rather the real nuts and bolts of how to run a business, the way the big boys do. Actually, what he taught makes it all much simpler than  getting hung up on a bunch of tech fine points. Yes, the tech stuff has a place, but it is more like 5% of the business, so where do you want to focus your time and efforts?

Third, he is so damn helpful. He really does want to see his students succeed, and it shows in his attitude and his actions. He would not stay on the webinars for hours answering questions if not!

Fourth, he is a direct conduit to many of the most successful online entrepreneurs around, and he passes  on what he is learning to his students. He is traveling all over the place going to many seminars to learn and more importantly meet and make friends with the top people in the business. He is paying big bucks to some of the guru’s for personal coaching, which he is then relying to his coaching students. So basically his coaching students have been getting a lot of high level stuff without paying the big bucks for it.

Fifth, he has a great mind for online marketing. He has done some things on his own that even the gurus were not doing, they have learned it from him. He’s been called the “Triple Threat Affiliate” because he figured out an efficient way to get 3 times the sales out of his mailing lists. When he would promote an affiliate product that some of the big hitters were also promoting, they noticed him when he was able to equal their sales numbers from a much smaller list. Of course I know how this is done now too!

Sixth, he’s real energetic . .  no stuffed shirt there. Can you say, “Vegas Baby!” What a great time in Las Vegas with Alex and many other coaching students many of which traveled a long way to get there. It was a short jaunt for me, from California, but we had people from the UK and Australia as well as all over the US.

Now, I am the first to admit, that I have not used most of what I have learned from Alex, I’ve been quite spread out with all my activities. But, the students who have implemented are seeing some nice success already.

I know this sounds like a sales page for the Alex Jeffreys coaching program, but I am very adamant that he has done an excellent job delivering great powerful information and has been very helpful along the way.

So, my suggestion is, don’t walk over to the line to get in . . . run! He can only handle so many students, so don’t dawdle! Or you will be waiting another year  . . . To figure out how to really make money.









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