Are You Keeping Up With What You Start?

Are You Keeping Up With What You Start?

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In our fledgling online marketing efforts we are all super busy doing more and more tasks associated with building our blogs and getting traffic to them. Whether it’s following Alex Jeffreys or any of the other individuals successful with internet marketing, these methods work but only if kept up on a regular basis.

The question is, are you keeping up with those tasks that should be done repeatedly on a regular basis. Like visiting other blogs and commenting, writing articles, bookmarking and what ever else you have done. What is important is to schedule in all these kinds of repetitive tasks so that you keep up with them or their effect will diminish.

Connie wrote a nice short article called, “Writing Articles, Blog Posts, and Ebooks – 5 Ways to Set a Schedule For Your Writing That Works” that I think is worth reading. I know, long name, but the article is short and to the point and will help.

The key to building any business is the creation of systems. So as you build up your blog, systematize your needed actions as much as possible. In the beginning you will likely be doing them all yourself, but as revenue comes in, and it will, you will want to look at outsourcing many of these tasks.

The time to start is now, when it is small, so it will be manageable when it is big.



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4 thoughts on “Are You Keeping Up With What You Start?

  1. Hello John,

    I signed up for Gravitar, put my Picture in the platform, still does not show up on my blog. I went in to the different pages in theme edit (witch are all PHP code) to see if I could find this holder to insert the code. I put each page in notebook and looked for the word Gravitar- nothing.

    John, what am I missing, you said HTML on this page. Please put in the page URL in you comments so I know where to begin. Can you walk me though this. I need to get this done then I have a very special gift for everyone.

    Because you are helping me I will let the cat out of the bag. I now have the resale rights to CamStudio witch is now Camtasia, The new recoded Internet Marketing Version is bug free and works just as good as Camtasia witch cost 300.00. Soon you will see a new hover add come up showing you this new software and I am giving it to all of Alex’s members for FREE. I am doing this too fold, First I want to help everyone out their and show them I really have some great value on my blog and second I feel that 90% of the members cannot afford Camtasia so this will be a great way to build a new list of all the members. Now this is only going to be up for a short time for all the members to get it. Then it will be taken down forever as I am selling it on the internet.

    John, Screem this from the roof tops because anyone that gets this new software
    will now be able to teach fellow students anything they know though video and bring more traffic to thier blog or website.

    The Give-away pages are all set all I have to do is flick the switch. So please help me with this gravitar problem resolved, thanks Vince

    Vince’s last blog post..CamStudio – All The Features Of Camtasia (Re-Designed)

  2. Hi John

    Just wanted to let you know the pre-interview questionnaires are ready. An email has been sent to the address you provided with details so please check your inbox. If you can’t see the email, just leave a comment on my blog and I will email you the details.

    Speak to you soon!

    Mark Austin’s last blog post..The 4 Hour Work Week

  3. Vince,

    Sorry for the delay, have not been to my blog for a few days!! Ahhh

    Anyway, try this . .

    In WP dashboard go to ‘Settings’ – ‘Discussion’

    Scroll down to ‘Avatars’ then see ‘Avatar Display’

    Click ‘Show Avatars’

    I think this should do it, there are also other Avatar settings there.

    Hope this helps, let me know if it does.

  4. Howdy John,

    Great blog a like your theme, it’s very clean and easy to read.
    Keep up the good work. I’m also a fellow Alex Jeffreys list building student stop by my website and leave the answer to my question which is: I noticed your comments on other blogs show your gravatar, how does that work?
    I want to do the same. Thanks in advance classmate :)

    James Coe

    James Coe’s last blog post..Time To Shine In 2009


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