Blogging, Twitting and Holidays

Blogging, Twitting and Holidays

December 24th, 2008 | Filed under Alex Jeffreys, Internet Marketing.

Yesterday daughter Julie and I traveled from California to Arizona, near Phoenix to my daughter Jens house for Christmas. With the travel, which eats up a half a day even with the short distance, and then picking up some gifts I had ordered online, I still did some blogging and Twitting. My goal is to keep it up everyday – well, we’ll see on Christmas day.

Have been blogging around the blogs of other members in Alex Jeffreys coaching program and doing some twitting as we, working on getting more interaction and traffic, but the holiday activities gobble up much attention – as it should. The family stuff is important to queeze in amungst the work efforts.

Some of the other students are getting some great products put together. I just downoaded Gary Simpson’s “Time in Motion Action Planner“. It’s a really nice planning tool, but also great for helping to identify where you are wasting time . . . don’t we all! This is a powerful feature as we need help un-doing what we don’t want to do just as we need assistance training ourselves to do what we do want to be doing. Seems simple, but the most effective things are.

Wasting time is an obvious distraction from doing what you want But once identified, one must look into why they are doing time wasting activiies. May be just an innocent habit, or could be supported by some deeper feelings, perceptions or beliefs. Take the time to identify your timewasting activities, only then can you address why and do something about it.

It’s well worth checking out and picking up our free copy, it’s worth way more than what he is charging for it!!! If you use it! –

Well, of to the store, Julie needs to pick up a few more things before they all close today.



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3 Responses to “Blogging, Twitting and Holidays”

  1. Gary SIMPSON (2 comments.) | 24/12/08

    Hi John,

    I have been SO meaning to get over here and visit you man. I just read your post over at Parkesy’s and I thought – DAMN IT – this dude has been active and he deserves a visit. Now, bear in mind, it IS Christmas morning over here in Oz – 6.41am, actually. But I considered it THAT important that I come.

    Then, when I land here (”Beam me down, Scotty”) I see that WONDERFUL recommendation for my ACTION Planner. What a GREAT ‘X-mas present” to me that was.

    So, John, your inter-blog visits have DEFINITELY been noticed and appreciated. It is just that, at this time of the year, people have been trying to squeeze so much in, me included. It is just a time thing.

    But I got here man! Even on Christmas morning. I got here.

    Keep posting comments on your blog and on the blogs of others and people will come. Just like I have.

    Thank you so much for the GREAT endorsement above. I truly do appreciate it.

    Happy Christmas John!


    Gary SIMPSON

    PS: I have driven in California – last year. Scary dude! 80mph most of the way and many vehicles were passing me by. And then, on the country roads, you have that weird “5 car” rule or the CHIPs will pull you over – or so I was told. I LOVED California – Mariposa, Santa Barbara, Monterey and even Hollywood! And that windy coast road is a sight to behold. We went to San Simeon and into LA that way.

    Gary SIMPSON’s last blog post..Christmas 2008 & New Year 2009

  2. Alan Neath (2 comments.) | 24/12/08

    Hi John

    Thanks very much for visiting my blog and leaving a comment, naturally i have added you to my blog roll.

    Looking around all the students including your own pages it is amazing to see the rich diversity and knowledge being shared.

    Have a great Christmas.

    Alan Neath’s last blog post..Help setting up your word press blog website

  3. Paula Brett (1 comments.) | 26/12/08

    Hi John

    You sound like you’ve had a hectic Christmas. I’m so pleased that places here in England are relatively close to drive to, not like in the U.S. where you even have different time zones, lol.

    Hope you are enjoying your Christmas break with the family

    Take care


    Paula Brett’s last blog post..Seth Godin’s Most Popular Posts of 2008 – In Order

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