Make Internet Marketing Money – Part 3

Track Backs Are Powerful Links, Set Up and Use ‘Em

 will address how this is done with wordpress blogs, as that is what the people in Alex’s coaching group are using. To start, what are ‘Trackbacks” and ‘Permalinks”? They are used when you want to link to a post I another persons blog in your post on your blog. This is another way to set up a permanent link with another blog. It is also a great way to come up with ways to get ideas for content for your site.

My Intent For This Blog

 I’m glad you found this blog and I hope it will be of some benefit to your efforts to succeed with online marketing. My intention is to create a place where you can get truly useful information, resources and connections that assist you with your success with your online business. There of course will be a process of growth here as it gradually comes together. My hopes include creating a place where active marketers can get together, interact and help one another develop the various aspects of a profitable business.




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