Something You Can Do About Plagiarism

Something You Can Do About Plagiarism

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Do you know or suspect that others have been ‘borrowing’ some of your content, be it text, photos, or videos, to use on their sites without your permission? If you are not monetizing this content then it is probably not a big deal, but if you are, then someone else is benefitting from your work and oyu are loosing out.

I wrote a post called “FairShare Might Help You Locate Plagiarism Partners” on that you can go take a look at and get a couple of resources that can track down plagiarized content.

It’s a shame how the one in the right, the content creator, must be the one to protect and police it.



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3 thoughts on “Something You Can Do About Plagiarism

  1. Hi John,

    Thanks for coming to my blog today to comment about the personal and professional dangers of what bloggers and commenters may say online. I do appreciate your visit and what you said. I extracted two points out of it to highlight them to my visitors.

    Regarding content scraping. I have had 100’s of incidents where unscrupulous scrapers have trolled my articles, removed my name and links and inserted their own. Initially, I was disgusted that they would do this. But I have now taken the view that they are SAD individuals with no talent of their own who need to do this to keep their noses above the water line. They do this to attract Adsense money by surrounding the stolen articles with Google advertising then making it difficult for people to leave other that X-ing out or clicking on an Adsense advert, which they make money from. Pretty pathetic really.

    I can pump out articles off the top of my head in under 10 minutes. Obviously they cannot. So, I am ALWAYS ahead of their silly games.

    I am far more productive being original and not wasting my time trying to hunt these losers down. But if I find somebody is making money off my work and I haven’t authorised it then my option would be to engage copyright lawyers and slug them for loss of profits. That is what all these thieves face, if and when they are caught. If they make money off my content then I, like others, always have the option to sue for damages.


    Gary Simpson

    Gary SIMPSON’s last blog post..WARNING! – Posts and Comments Can be DANGEROUS to YOU!

  2. Gary,
    so right you are about the scrapers, basic human selfishness at work!

    The drag of it all is that is becomes the honest authors job to correct it, if they choose to so.

    Well, we know that they are harming themselves far more by their actions if that’s any consolation.

    First priority is to focus on getting your articles in front of the audience you want to be reading them, before worrying about what the rip offs are doing.


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