Started Driving Traffic To My List Building With Alex Page

Started Driving Traffic To My List Building With Alex Page

December 14th, 2008 | Filed under Alex Jeffreys, Traffic.

For a few days now I have been driving traffic with in two ways.

I wanted to get started now before Alex starts going into traffic with the coaching group.

First I am doing some ‘blaster’ ads, which are mass emails – these are permission based not spam! These are not really effective but just a way to get going. They are cheap but do require a little time sine you must enter your ad data in each one separately.

Second, I started some CPV advertising. This is where you pay as your ads are viewed. You whole page comes up when someone types I a keyword that you have bid on. Keywords can be words or URL’s. The rates are much less than pay per click ads, usually .01 to .05 cents. 

I’m using Zango and Traffic Vance. Although Zango is not actually running yet, setting up an account seems to be dragging on! In this regard it is similar to Adwords, get an account set up, a campaign, and keywords – then wait for account approval and keyword approval – it’s been 4 days now!
I’m getting sign ups to my list right away through Traffic Vance with my List building with Alex page, cool!


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One Response to “Started Driving Traffic To My List Building With Alex Page”

  1. Bob Allison (1 comments.) | 23/12/08

    Hi John,
    I am in the AJ coaching program also. Thanks for the informatiom on traffic generation with Zango and Traffic Vance. I was not aware of those type sites, but will try them both. I have been using Google Adwords for about 9 months with various Clickbank affiliate products and it has been a losing proposition. I presently have an Alex Jeffreys ad running but I am not willing to pay the high price to get listed on the first page and thus, am getting a very limited response.

    I have set up a Squidoo lens to also promote List Building With Alex. I like Squidoo because it has many modules you can use and you don’t have to be a genius to set up a lens.

    In the past, I have tried many safelists and Traffic Pro Blaster and have decided safelists are not worth the effort.

    I have been visiting AJ student’s blogs and the Fortunate 5oo site and leaving comments. I find that there are many people in the Alex Jeffreys program who really know blogging and traffic generation. If I hang with you guys long enough hopefully I will learn this stuff.

    I would appreciate it if you would include me in the AJ Students List.
    Bob Allison

    Bob Allison’s last blog post..Dean Holland’s Blog

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