Two Hot Deals From Tellman Knudson

Two Hot Deals From Tellman Knudson

December 20th, 2008 | Filed under Internet Marketing.

Tellman has a couple of really hot offers going right now that are worth looking at.
On Mark Luciano’s blog he talked about the Perpetual Marketing Machine System offer which is a hot deal. Tellman gives away his entire program that he previously sold for several hundred dollars. This program is not a beginners program, it primarily teaches how to succeed with tele-seminars. There is an upsell (shocking!) once you get to the free materials – buy it or don’t.

Now if you are not ready to start doing tele-seminars you may be more interested in his other hot holiday deal where he is offering a huge batch of his more beginning programs for a ridiculously low price. You can barely buy a cheap ebook for what the price is. These programs are all of his “My First” programs (about 35 videos and just as many written items) plus his $497 Ultra Marketing Marathon set

He says it’s about $1100 worth of great stuff. I had purchases some of these items when they were full price. Again, there is an upsell, at $67, so you decide. This package more suitable for set up and development of all aspects of an online business is called the Secret Stocking Sale

Tellmans products are good. He is similar to Alex Jeffreys in the sense that he rose up to huge success very quickly about 2-3 years ago and still rising, he is worth watching and learning from. My thinking is, the people who are rising fast right now are the ones to follow, they are doing what is effective now.


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